Here you can find out who makes up this year's AcaSoc committee!

The committee is responsible for the day to day operation of the society, and making sure everything runs smoothly. They're always here to help, so feel free to approach any of them with any issues you might have.


Shona Tulloch


Hispanic Studies, Final Year

  • Favourite Music Genre / Artist

    • I love jazz and drum and bass (and pretty much everything between!)

    • Nina Simone

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • After years of secretly envying the acappella nerds in American TV shows and films I wasn't going to miss out on the chance to be one!


Ciara Ward

Steelworks Manager

Medicine, 5th year

  • Favourite Music Genre

    • A Cappella of course! (with a hint of alt rock)​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I have sung in classic choral groups all my life and decided to try something different! It has completely transformed my university experience for the last 3 years, allowed me to develop so many new skills and most importantly, I have made friends for life!​


Seth King


Medicine, 2nd year

  • Favourite Music Artist

    • Lizzo​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I’ve always loved singing, and when I saw the group performing at freshers I knew I wanted to be part of it!​


Rory York

Steelworks Deputy Manager

Sociology with Criminology, 3rd year

  • Favourite Music Genre:

    • Barbershop​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I've always loved singing and have always wanted to join an A Cappella group. After going to the give it a go session in first year I absolutely knew this was the place for me- and I've loved it ever since!​


Nati Grieve

Factory Manager

Psychology, 3rd year

  • Favourite music genre:

    • Indie or any club classic​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • To get back into singing and meet new people​


Olive Etim

Factory Deputy Manager / Inclusions Officer

  • Favourite Music Genre / Artist

    • Can't help but loves all genres of music but there's something about Sia's voice that gives me chills​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I love to sing and be creative and aca seemed like an perfect mix of the two!​


Rory O'Shea

Steelworks Inclusions Officer

International Business Management, 1st year

  • Favourite Music Genre/ Artist

    • Ariana Grande OBVIOUSLY

    • I love pop

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • Singing is like a hobby to me, and doing it with such lovely people is like therapy. Also... I wish my life was like in the pitch perfect movies​.


Johanna Stroud

Steelworks Musical Director

Music, 3rd year

  • Favourite Music Genre:

    • A bit of everything!​

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • to meet other people with a love of singing, make amazing music and have a ton of fun!​

Caitlin Eckley

Publicities Officer

Psychology, 3rd year

  • Favourite Music Genre/ Artist:

    • Pop

    • Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I've always loved singing and I am a big fan of a cappella so wanted to see what it would be like to be involved in a real life pitch perfect!​


Rohum Hossain

Factory Musical Director

Biochemistry, 2nd Year

  • Favourite Music Genre/ Artist:

    • Rock

    • Linkin Park

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I always loved choir music and I am enthusiastic about experimenting with different voice types harmonizing together


Derin Dominic


Chemical Engineering, 2nd year

  • Favourite Music Genre and Artist:

    • Pop​

    • Ed Sheeran

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • It’s something different to do at uni besides the standard uni life and a good opportunity to meet people who I wouldn’t normally get to know. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming from the start and it’s great to rehearse and perform with them​

Charlie Brown

Social Secretary

Medical Genetics, 2nd Year

  • Favourite Music Artist:

    • Billie Eilish

  • Reason for joining a cappella:

    • I joined Aca Soc because everyone was so welcoming and friendly- also they sounded amazing!